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Baking Soda Cleaning also referred to as Baking Soda Blasting is not a new process. The process was first developed in the 80’s for use on the Statue of Liberty. They needed a way of cleaning the statue that did not harm the metal or have an impact on the surrounding environment. Other forms of media blasting, such as sand blasting, were looked at but eventually dismissed due to the environmental impact and the harm it would cause to the copper plating of the landmark.

Since then, Soda Cleaning has grown to be a go-to process for removing coatings and contaminants from a large variety of surfaces.

Unique properties

The crystals of the specially formulated sodium bicarbonate have a friable nature that gives it special cutting characteristics. These special characteristics allow for the removal of coatings on substrates without harming the underlying surface. The particles “explode” as they hit the surface, sending fragments in a lateral direction, allowing for the dissipation of the energy into the substrate, thereby reducing the damage to the surface below. It also provides a type of cleaning action that leaves surfaces nearly ready for finishing.

Pre-cleaning not needed

In most cases where a traditional media is used in the blasting process, grease, oil and other like contaminants must be cleaned off first. That step is eliminated when employing the Soda Cleaning method.

Less solid waste

One of the most redeeming qualities of Soda Cleaning is the fact that it dissolves in water. Dissolving it in water and filtering out the contaminants allows for a much smaller amount of solid waste. This water mixture can then be rinsed down into the sanitary sewer. Also sand blasting  uses about 80% more volume of media than soda. These aspects make it ideal to keep down the amount of solid wast that a project may create. In turn, with less waste clean up, costs can also be reduced. When costs are reduced, everyone is happy.

People friendly

Aside from being earth friendly, soda bicarbonate, has been recognized as safe for humans as well. Even the EPA and OSHA have recognized that it is safe. Pure sodium bicarbonate blast media is non toxic for inhalation, ingestion, or contact with the skin. It is not even an eye or skin irritant. The most toxic substance in this situation would be the contaminants that are removed from the project.

Odor friendly

A unique benefit from the use of soda in the blasting process is the fact that it absorbs odors. Unlike some harsh chemicals, that are used for cleaning, using baking soda media in the process absorbs fowl odors, in the same way you put baking soda boxes in the refrigerator to remove odors.


As you can see, baking soda cleaning has a LOT of amazing benefits. I haven’t even covered all the benefits here, didn’t want to bore you. Now it is not “end all” of media in the blast process, however, it is one of the most sought after. The versatility and earth friendliness of this media stands head and shoulders over many others.

Your next step should be to contact the pros at Fresh Start Soda Blasting in Springfield, and let them answer any questions you may have. They test blast each project so that they can be more accurate when providing a quote.  Fresh Start Media Blasting does usually charge a non-refundable fee that, if they are chosen to do the work, will be applied to the cost.  

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